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Chronicles of Er-Da:
Book One

“Jeffrey Redmond is the author of a science fiction series that is increasing in popularity. The Er-Dan Chronicles feature imaginative and thought provoking adventures set on a distant planet with three moons. The series provides a positive message to young people - in contrast to other fictional works on the market, many of which contain amounts of explicit sex and gratuitous violence sufficient to alarm the concerned parent. These stories still deliver enough action, romance, and suspense. Buy one of the Er-Dan books today!”

--Nissa Annakindt, Othala Elohim

“These Chronicles of Er-Da are fantasy and sci fi short stories with morals and good social interactions. There's also plenty of action, adventure, love, romance, suspense, and the will to survive. The stories have strong educational values for people of all ages.There is the theme of a strong pacifist viewpoint taken of good patience and tolerance. And there is the constant struggle against the powerful forces of evil and oppression throughout. The lesson of ‘We need to always behave not as we wish to do, but as we ought to do’ is always prevalent. There's plenty of social interaction, family ties, and the importance of truly caring for others in these stories. The absolute necessity of protecting and preserving precious literature and culture (and what happens when this is not done) is fully explained throughout.
Someday these sci fi fantasy stories may even be made into movies or plays of their own. They would further convince us to help preserve our planet's precious ecology, and work towards preserving our future.”

--The Northword Journal